Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I do, I do, like green poop and ham?

Ok, no ham really, but, as a crafter/reader/blogger do you ever feel guilty for not crafting/reading/blogging? I do. 'Cause I have all these plans and then life happens and I end up not being able to devote the time that I want to to my craft. Poor Eme has had an upset tummy for a little over three weeks now and because of that wants to be held a lot. And bounced a lot. And NOT sleep a lot (at least during the day.)

Last Friday I was VERY flustered by the time my husband got home. Like, flustered to the point of tears flustered. I had all these things that I had planned to do and had gotten NONE of them done. Plus, after two and a half weeks of going milk free and CHOCOLATE free M's poop (yes, I'm gonna talk about his poop- if you're not a mom, sorry; if you are a mom, I know you totally get it) was still green. The only other thing I could think of that I had had everyday was wheat. I went from flustered to depressed VERY quickly. Wheat is in EVERYTHING. And, I was freaking out. No bread. No cookies. No marinades. No SOUP!! (Those that know me, know I heart soup. ) Or at least thickened soups... So I can still have pho. I can't even have soy sauce!

So, I have been wheat AND dairy free since last Saturday night. Guess what?! His poop was yellow again all day yesterday!! Maybe I was getting some milk in there for the first almost three weeks? Or maybe he's allergic to both? I guess we'll see as time goes on and as the doc figures it out. Oh. We went to the doctor's yesterday- I hadn't mentioned that.

Hopefully, he'll be right as rain soon and I can get the things that I want and need to be getting done. (Like the baby shower present for my sister-in-law.) Until then, I've realized that it is more important to tend to him and not be upset if I can't do all that I want to. He's only gonna be a baby once and I need to enjoy it. (And I am!!! Oh so much!) Green poop and all. :)

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