Friday, July 24, 2009

Modge Podge Spring Board?

So I finally DID something today! Yay me! I'm a substitute teacher and as such I have the summer off. But I've hardly done a thing. Boo me. I can't say that I've done nothing, I've been reading quite a bit. (My current fav is The Year of Living Biblically by AJ Jacobs- I got it for my birthday a two days ago and I'm half way done. I'd be done if I hadn't been on line so much!) I also made a fun baby blanket for one of my friend's soon to be born son. But I digress... Now that we have the internet again, I have been wasting my time online. Again, BOO me!
I have gotten SOOO much inspiration from a bunch of different crafty blogs though. I've been so engrossed in them that, until today, I've done nothing about it. Finally, I decided to get up, get out my Mod Podge stuff and get to work on a picture frame project that I've had waiting for me for months.
Unfortunately, it didn't turn out quite the way I had hoped. It bubbled a little. I'll live, but when things aren't perfect it bugs me. Mod Podge is harder to fix then, say, crochet. With crochet if something isn't up to my specifications I can rip it out and start over from the mistake. Glue doesn't let you 'rip it out'. Because it rips. And then it's ruined. So BOO for not putting enough glue down in the first place. If I'd done that it wouldn't have bubbled when I put the 'Podge on the top.
O-well. I guess progress is progress. I've seen a couple sewing projects that I'm thinking about tackling... Hopefully I can use today as a spring board of motivation for tomorrow.

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